SANDWICH ART: Ideas for Kids from Funky Lunch


sandwich art

Sandwich Art

Creative Sandwich Design Ideas

Love these fun Sandwich Art designs from author Mark Northeast, father of two and founder of the

Buy Mark’s Funky Lunch, Happy Food for Happy Children book to learn how to turn ordinary sandwiches into something fun—like Spongebob, Hello Kitty, or a piano and to encourage children to eat healthy lunches
rocketship sandwich
Love this Rocketship Sandwich idea!
winnie the pooh sandwich
Love this Winnie the Pooh sandwich idea!
piano sandwich
Love this Piano Sandwich idea!


Cool Sandwich Design Ideas!

Every parent knows how stressful meal times can be. Young minds need inspiring and this is exactly what the Funky Lunch website set out to do. The book features 50 of the very best Funky Lunch sandwich ideas—from simple farmyard creatures and cucumber crocodiles to favorite characters from the world of children’s TV—as well as some fun and creative interactive spreads to help get the little ones involved in choosing and making their lunch. Lunch should never look boring, when it can look just like a rocketship flying through the stars, the Loch Ness monster, a pretty mermaid, or Winnie the Pooh.

spongebob sandwich
Love this Spongebob Sandwich idea!
hello kitty sandwich
Love this Hello Kitty Sandwich idea!
pirate ship sandwich
Love this Pirate Ship Sandwich idea!

pirate sandwich

Love this Pirate Sandwich idea!

Crocodile Sandwich

Love this Crocodile Sandwich idea!

We hope you enjoyed the above Sandwich Art and Sandwich Design Ideas from Click here to order Mark Northeast’s Funky Lunch book.